Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Days '09

Okay, so I can't figure out how to move pictures to put them in the right order. Be patient, I'm still learning!
Summer is finally here! It took so long this summer for it to warm up and stop raining and hailing. Our poor gardens are not thriving! Chloe and Chase started their summer vacation taking an art class. Then when that was finished, they started swimming lessons. Chad and Chase have been taking tennis lessons.

We were lucky enough this year to have my brother, Rich and his family come visit us during the 4th of July weekend. They live in South Jordan and my kids were thrilled to see their cousins! Once again, Brett instigated patriotic tee-shirts...this time tye-dyed shirts. They all looked great at the parade! We also spent some time at the falls, Chesbro Music and Reed's Dairy.

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